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Hirtenstraße 19, 10178 Berlin, Germany
+49 30 24041420
[email protected]



2015-2016| Master’s degree (with distinction) in Visual Arts and Curatorial Studies, NABA, New Academy of Fine Art (Milan, IT)
2013-2014| Bachelor’s degree (with distinction) in Painting and Visual Arts, NABA, New Academy of Fine Art (Milan, IT)


2014| Winner 35#modern art, Nescafe Dolce Gusto (Milan, IT)
2013| San Fedele Prize (nominee), G.Borsi Space, (Milan, IT)

Group Exhibition

2017| “Autopoiesis”, curated by Willem Sanders, Fortezza del Priamar (Savona, IT)
2017| “Festival Labirinto II”, curated by Nicolas Vamvouklis and Chiara Turconi (Rome, IT)
2017| “Il tempo indeciso. Il dilemma dell’abitante perdigiorno” curated by Sabrina Drigo, Sara Gilomena, Sofia Girelli and Stefano Roberto Mazzatorta, Current (Milan,IT)
2017| “Fuoco a paesaggio”, Dolomiti Contemporanee, curated by Gianluca D’Incà Levis, Forte di Monte Ricco (Pieve di Cadore, IT)
2017| “Urbanspace Garden – Working on#4”, Studi Festival (Milan,IT)
2016| “Brave New World” curated by Nicolas Vamvouklis (Lesbos, Greece)
2016| “Teatrum Botanicum Emerging Talents” Pav, Parco Arte Vivente (Turin, IT)
2016| “Talea” curated by Bert Theis and Angelo Castucci, Isola Pepe Verde (Milan, IT)
2016| “Urban Space Garden – Botanica dall’arte alla natura” curated by Giuseppe Frangi, Casa Testori (Novate Milanese, IT)
2015| “Giovane, non dimenticare” curated by Marta Cereda (Monza, IT)
2014| “Urban Space Garden”, Si Fest, Savignano Immagini Festival, 23^ edition (Savignano sul Rubicone, IT)
2014| “Camouflage” curated by Marisol Malatesta and Simona Da Pozzo with the support of ex-voto (Milan, IT)
2014| “Cali Gold Rush” curated by Marcello Maloberti and Caterina Iaquinta, Lucie Fontaine (Milan, IT)
2013| “One remembers a part of what one saw and forgets the rest” curated by Elvira Vannini, Careof DOCVA (Milan, IT)
2013| “Amore mio” curated by Marcello Maloberti and Arianna Rosica, Flash Art Event, Ice Palace (Milan, IT)
2012| “Barbarie” curated by Marcello Maloberti and Adrian Paci, DOCVA Gallery (Milan, IT)


2017| Focare (Villa Littorio, Parco Nazionale del Cilento, IT)
2017| NAHR Residency – Rock and Stone, Material Culture and Cultures of Making (Val Taleggio, IT)
2017| Dolomiti contemporanee – Fuoco a paesaggio, (Pieve di Cadore, IT)


2015| con Marinella Senatore, NABA, New Academy of Fine Art (Milan, IT)
2015| con Urbonas, NABA, New Academy of Fine Art (Milan, IT)


2015| “Theatre of Learning”, collaboration with Yona Friedman, NABA, New Academy of Fine Art (Milan, IT)
2013| “La Voglia Matta”, performer for Marcello Maloberti, 55th International Art Exhibition, (Venice, IT)